We Recover The Rockies

What We Do

Colorado 4x4 Rescue and Recovery is a 501c3 non-profit organization specializing in vehicle recoveries on 4x4 trails. Our Search and Rescue Emergency Support Team provides emergency support to local and state agencies through large area vehicle-based searches, person extractions, back-country access support, communications support, and any other means needed by an Agency.

Since August of 2014, we have completed hundreds of recoveries, multiple search and rescue missions, and cumulated thousands of volunteer hours. If you find yourself venturing into the backcountry, take our contact information with you. If your day of wonder turns to a day of danger or misfortune, we’ll be there to assist you.

We never charge for our services and operate entirely on donations and membership dues statewide. All donations and dues received will support our rescue and recovery missions, trainings, organization meetings, gear, and equipment purchases.

Our Mission

  • we provide unpaid professional vehicle and person rescue and recovery services on Colorado service roads and 4x4 trails
  • we provide education to the public regarding preparedness and safe off-roading practices
  • we support other organizations in advocating proper trail use and etiquette
  • we provide opportunities for members of the 4x4 community to engage in recovery operations and learn safe recovery practices
  • we support local government and volunteer organizations in search and rescue operations
  • we sponsor, host, and participate in events and activities that promote the 4x4 hobby
  • we foster a culture of mutual respect and professionalism


Radical Hill

Deep in the Arapaho National Forest is Radical Hill. It is a daunting trail featuring a couple challenging obstacles but its defining characteristic is the shelf road. This trail has one stretch of shelf that rivals Black Bear in Telluride. On August 22nd, 2019, Ken McCoy took the ride of his life off that shelf road. Ken and his dog walked away slowly, hurting, but alive. Ken reported broken ribs and a laceration on his head. Two men on ATVs transported him out of the back country and to medical attention. The rest was handled by Colorado 4x4 Rescue and Recovery.


Co4x4RnR relies on sponsors to help provide our members with benefits and rewards for their hard work. In addition our sponsors help to financially support our organization and our various projects.