Our History

The detailed narrative history below is written by Todd "Doc" Bunger, Member #4

"As one of the most senior members of the organization and unofficial historian, I decided that I am going to try and post something historical each month about the organization so newer members can learn what they weren’t around for. Logically, for the first installment I will start at the beginning, as best I know it.

May 2016. Our first major recovery. First time using Ham radios. Middle St. Vrain.

The first thing I want all to understand is although there are similar groups today, there is only one similar one that predates us, Wessex 4x4 Response in England. There were smaller 4x4 operations attached to Search and Rescue organizations but we invented this format. No other organization I know of works in the same conditions or as prolifically as we have. Many people lent a hand, big and small and this organization only exists due to many who have made it possible.

I’ll try and highlight the people and steps that made us who we are. I apologize if I forget someone while trying to tell the story, there have been many contributors. I also have to say I am somewhat telling this from my own perspective, having been in or around many of the major events. I am going to be as accurate as I can, good or bad, this is who we are and how we became in my opinion, the most professional and prolific 4x4 search and recovery group in the world."

Todd "Doc" Bunger, Member #4