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Mission Reports: Lost Park / Mosquito Pass

A few operations have taken place this final week of 2020. Not all were photographed, but a couple of “relatively” easier ones were.

1st pair of photos is a 4Runner that got hung up sideways trying to turn around on Lost Park Road 446 in Park County. The team used a simple redirect off a nearby tree to pull the vehicle back onto the road. Once the team had the vehicle turned around, everyone was able to drive out under their own power.

2nd pair of photos is a ZR2 that also got hung up on the side of the road along Mosquito Pass outside of Leadville. The photos from this operation don’t make this out to be as complicated as it was, the snow conditions were really difficult to work in. Team reports easily 2 feet of snow off the sides of the packed trail, which complicated the recovery efforts a bit trying to get positioned to recover the truck. Meanwhile, while this operation was occurring, another vehicle had become stuck behind where the team was working. Luckily by the time the initial vehicle was recovered, that 2nd unaffiliated person had freed their vehicle and cleared the egress route.

Also occurring this week was a middle of the night callout for a 1500 stuck on Jones Pass. This call went out shortly after midnight, and the team was on-scene by 3 AM. That truck was recovered by 3:45 AM and the team members were home by approximately 5 AM.

Wishing all our awesome volunteers, agency partners, affiliates, vendors, and followers, a safe and happy new year!

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