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Mission Reports: Bard Creek, Webster Pass

A couple more recoveries in the last 48 hours! First was a Toyota Tundra that slid off a narrow trail up by Bard Creek. The team made quick work out of pulling this back onto the trail and getting them back down to their campsite nearby.

The second operation was a Jeep Wrangler hung up in the snow on Webster Pass. Another relatively simple winch backwards onto the hard pack and they were on their way.

Remember, snow conditions in the high country are extremely deceiving right now. You might go in early in the morning and ride on top of frozen snowpack, but when trying to come out in the afternoon find that the top layer has melted. Once you punch through that top layer and settle down onto your vehicle’s frame, you are stuck! Not even tire chains can help with that scenario most of the time. You’ll just dig down even more and stay hung up.

Tell someone where you are going and when you’ll be back, don’t travel alone (with one vehicle), and be prepared for an extended stay as it can take quite some time to reach you with the snow conditions right now.

Colorado 4×4 Rescue and Recovery

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