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Mission Reports: Mount Antero Grand Cherokee

Saturday July 23rd Colorado 4×4 Rescue and Recovery went up Mount Antero to retrieve a Jeep Grand Cherokee that was having some kind of mechanical problem preventing it from starting. The owner drove the vehicle up there without incident, parked for a bit, and upon trying to leave found that while it would turn over, it simply wouldn’t start.

The team met at the staging area near Buena Vista around 10 AM Saturday and began making their way up to the vehicle. Once on scene just after 1 PM some diagnosis and attempted repairs began. Unsuccessful at the attempts to start it and drive it off the mountain were unsuccessful, (much faster than towing mind you), they rigged for a dead tow.

The drive down the mountain was underway and team reached the bottom a little after 8:30 PM. Vehicle was secured for a Tow Truck and the last responder reached home just after midnight today, July 24th.

Thank you to the Edge Automotive for sponsoring this mission! Check them out for all your vehicle modification and service needs at www.theedgeautomotive.com.

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