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Mission Reports: Multiple recovery operations underway!

This last week Colorado 4×4 Rescue and Recovery has responded to numerous offroad recovery calls, with a few more in the queue for Mother’s day and beyond.

1st up is a JT Gladiator that needed to be pulled away from the tree it was pinned against down by Mt. Rosa just Southwest of Colorado Springs. A relatively simple winch job to pull the truck away from the tree to not further the existing body damage, and everyone was on their way.

2nd is a Jeep renegade south of Empire that had slid off Democrat Mountain and was also pinned against a tree. A pendulum style recovery was used by tethering the rear of the vehicle to a tree uphill, and then re-direct winching the front of the vehicle off another uphill tree. This causes near equal force to be put on the front and back as a side pull, and pulls the vehicle back onto the road in one fluid motion.

3rd call is a Toyota 4Runner stuck in snow on Rainbow Road outside of Idaho Springs. The team winched the vehicle backwards from a dry spot with lots of traction and got everyone on their way.

4th call of the week was actually a twofer. May 6th a team was dispatched to do a person extract on Miller Rock after spending the night in their vehicle getting stuck trying to assist another stuck party. Becoming stuck assisting others actually happens more that most realize. In fact we tend to get stuck and have to self recover some times on the snow calls too. After getting on scene it was noted by the team that vehicle 1 would be a 15 minute recovery to pull the rear a bit sideways and back down the hill, so they opted to convert the extract to a vehicle recovery.

Part two of this mission concluded Saturday the 8th as the team returned to Miller Rock and winched the 2nd vehicle sideways back onto the narrow trail, and backed the vehicle down to a flat spot where gasoline could be transferred to the tank and driven out under its own power. Video of this multi-day operation can be seen at:

Happy Mother’s Day to all the awesome Moms out there!! Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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