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Mission Reports: Old Stage Road Mutual Aid

On the 1st night of 2023, a request for assistance with multiple stuck vehicles on Old Stage Road came from El Paso County SAR.  Initial reports were a Brush Truck was stuck, and a couple civilian vehicles were also stuck on the road.  First responders already on scene were going to work on freeing the Fire Apparatus, and we were to rescue the two stuck civilian vehicles and assist with the 3rd if needed.  The team prepared for deployment and began making their way down to the scene.

The team started arriving at our relay point around 10 PM and began chaining up for the mission. Once everyone was at staging, they headed up Old Stage to the incident scene.

As they worked on recovering the stuck vehicles, snow was coming down at a pretty good rate adding to the complexity of the scene.  By 2 AM all the vehicles were back on the road and able to drive out under their own power.

By 3:30 AM this morning, January 2nd, the team was back on the highway headed for home.

Shortly after 5 AM this morning, the last team member arrived at home for some much-needed rest!

Thank you to The Edge Automotive for sponsoring this mission.  If you need any maintenance or modifications needed on your daily driver, offroad rig, etc, check them out at www.theedgeautomotive.com or https://www.facebook.com/TheEdgeAutomotive

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