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Mission Reports: Rampart Range F250

Saturday the 18th a team from Colorado 4×4 Rescue and Recovery went down to the rampart range area to flat tow out a F250 that was suffering from some kind of mechanical issue (possibly fuel delivery) and was unable to run under its own power.

The team met around 10 AM at the local McDonalds in Woodland Park and began heading towards the truck. They were on scene by 11:30 and the recovery was underway. A quick winch to reposition the truck to a better location allowed hooking up a kinetic rope for the dead tow up the mountain.

Once higher up and on a flatter spot, the truck was able to run under it’s own power with the added fuel and was driven out the rest of the way. The team was back at staging around 2 PM to air up tire and do a quick debrief, and departed for home.

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