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Mission Reports: Rollins pass and Bill Moore

There have been a few callouts over the last several days, some self-recovered, others recovered by folks passing by.

But we start with a Nissan that got hung up in the icy ruts on Rollins Pass outside of Rollinsville. On any vehicle, once you frame it out, it’s basically impossible to move under your own power without the aid of either a winch, or another vehicle to pull yourself off the snow/ice. The team made very quick work of this one, which took all of 15 minutes to rig and pull out.

Second featured recovery happened on Bill Moore. A Jeep JL ended up off the side of the trail and was in a bit of precarious situation. While the cameras tend to make images flat with super wide-angle lens built into them, the jeep was tippy enough to feel like it would go over trying to climb back through that loose rock onto the trail by itself. It’s always safer to rig a winch recovery and control the movement of the vehicle vs hammer on the gas and hope for the best.

This operation went semi-quickly as these pendulum recoveries can be fast if everything cooperates on the first try. From rigging to tear down the operation took an hour on trail.

Thank you to our title sponsor, The Edge Automotive, for their continued support of our mission all these years!

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