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Mission Report: Barbour Fork


This is what we are about. A father went out with his two teenage boys, and unfortunately slid off the trail. The father explained to me that his winch controller and survival bag had been stolen out out his rig recently. He admitted that he made a mistake, but he was glad we were willing to help. It was currently raining, they were wet and cold, and could not take shelter in the jeep due to its precarious condition. Two of our volunteers stepped up and answered the call to go out assess the situation and provide shelter and warmth to the group. Once on scene they determined that if the vehicle was to remain over night with the current weather conditions it was likely to slide off the mountain. Additional members rolled as back up and assist the team on site, one of our volunteers was gracious enough to pick up Beau Jo’s Pizza, sorry for making you pay a small fortune. Hopefully this bad day for this family, will turn into a memory for them about that time some volunteers showed up with pizza, and got their Jeep back on the trail.

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