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Mission Reports: Another big week!

Got a few missions to post this morning!

A team assisted towing out a hydro-locked Jeep down on Medano Pass June 20th. They took the intake manifold off and plugs out in the field to push the water out of the engine, but ultimately ended up having to tow it out anyway as it would not run.

Also on June 20th a team assisted with a Cherokee on Spring Creek that lost brakes and smashed into a tree. Field repairs were conducted to the radiator, brake lines, and some leaking transmission fluid and were able to get off the mountain.

June 25th a team assisted in recovering a JKU off St. John trail that was hung up in a snow drift. There is still some pretty deep snow at altitude that is catching people off guard!

June 26th a team went up Wheeler Lake to flat tow a FJ60 off the mountain that either lost a clutch, or was having a transmission problem. It would not move under its own power.

Also June 26th another team went up Switzerland Trail to recover a TJ that rolled over attempting to turn around on a tight trail that got too close to the edge. After getting the vehicle back on its wheels, the process began to pull it up the hill, which was upwards of 40+ degrees near the road. One occupant ended up with a broken back and is recovering at home, but had the trees not been where they were, this would have kept going until it hit the bottom of the canyon. This vehicle actually was able to drive out under its own power, even after being on it’s top for a week. We had to add a bit of water to the radiator, and some oil to the engine, but the 4.0 started right up!

There is one more mission that the team is just getting home from this morning and pics of that will be posted once they get some rest.

TJ recovery video can be seen at

Colorado 4×4 Rescue and Recovery

We Recover the Rockies!

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