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Mission Reports: Disabled Humvee

Saturday the 16th a team from Colorado 4×4 Rescue and Recovery went down to Slaughterhouse Gulch to pull a H1 Humvee out of the forest that suffered a catastrophic drive trail failure climbing the south loop of the trail.

Reports indicated that the rear differential failed while climbing the hill, essentially “grenading” the ring gear. Upon trying to limp the vehicle out in what is now front wheel drive, the transfer case chain also snapped. This left the vehicle with absolutely no power to the wheels.

Once on scene they winched that vehicle back onto the trail so it was pointed downhill, and since it ran with power steering and brakes, the owner just coasted it down to the bottom of the hill so a dead tow could be rigged.

From there the team proceeded back to the north to climb the hill without a lot of flexing washout obstacles, and made it down to the parking lot without incident.

We thank the trail users yesterday for understanding we had to temporarily block downhill access for a few minutes as we made our way through the trail. That daisy chain of vehicles would have been impossible to make room for vehicles to pass by, not to mention regaining that uphill momentum from a dead stop.

Thank you to The Edge Automotive for being our title sponsor on this mission! Check them out at https://www.theedgeautomotive.com/ for all your vehicle modification and repair needs.

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