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Mission Reports: Red Cone Wrong Way XJ

July 11th a team from Colorado 4×4 Rescue and Recovery headed up to Red Cone to recover a Jeep XJ that attempted to go uphill (the wrong way) on Red Cone from the saddle of Webster pass. While climbing that hill the rear drive shaft failed putting the vehicle in an extremely dangerous situation of virtually no traction. Trying to pull yourself uphill in just front wheel drive, and trying to slow yourself going backwards become virtually impossible. Due to the steep slope of 30-35 degrees, the occupants were extracted by Park and Summit County SAR the night prior.

The team began mobilizing around 10 AM and was on-scene coming from two different trailhead accesses around 2:15 PM. Half of the team drove Red Cone from the Highway 285 side and the other half came up from Keystone through Montezuma.

By 4 PM the vehicle was rigged for recovery and winching was underway. Once the vehicle was down on flat ground a plan was formed and executed to drive the vehicle out under its own power.
The last responder was home shortly after 8 PM.

As a reminder, it is extremely dangerous to attempt to go back up the one way descent from the summit of Red Cone. Please stay the trail, follow and respect the rules/directions of trails, and keep these trails open for others to enjoy annually! This was mere feet from a certain deadly outcome had the vehicle gone off the edge of the trail.

Thank you to The Edge Automotive for sponsoring this mission. Please check them out at https://www.theedgeautomotive.com/ for all your vehicle needs!

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