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Mission Reports: Gold Camp Toyota

Thursday September 1st a team from Colorado 4×4 Rescue and Recovery was SW of Colorado Springs in the Gold Camp Road area to help recover a Tacoma that was beached on rocks in the road.

The team started heading that way around 4 pm and was on scene just before 6:30 PM. They rigged a rear winch pull off the rocks with a pulley block to an uphill tree. The truck itself was recovered around 8 PM and they began making their way off the mountain.

On their way out, another vehicle unrelated to this incident got a flat tire behind them, with no functioning spare to replace it. They assisted in moving that vehicle off the trail, and gave a ride to that owner so they could get into town for the night and return the next day on their own with a repaired tire.

The team was on pavement shortly after midnight, and the last responder arrived back at home base by 1 AM Friday.

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