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Mission Reports: Cowdry Sand Dunes Toyota

August 15th a team from Colorado 4×4 Rescue and Recovery went up to the North Sand Dunes outside of Cowdry, Colorado to recover a pickup that was about 150 feet down a steep ravine unable to move under its own power.

The team used 4 vehicles in total to pull this truck up the hill.  Two to winch, and two to anchor those vehicles from sliding down the hill.

The first pull was to turn the vehicle and point it uphill, and the second pull was able to get the truck about half way up the hill.  Once the winch line extensions were removed the truck was re-rigged and a 3rd pull was made getting the truck nearly to the top of the sand hill.  They backed up the winching vehicles and made one final pull to get the truck over the top and onto flat ground where it could be driven out under its own power.

Total winching time was just under one hour on this, but the total operation from start to finish with travel time was around 10 hours!

Thank you to The Edge Automotive for being our Title Sponsor for this mission.  Please check them out at for all your vehicle service and modification needs!

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