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Mission Reports: Hyundai Santa Fe

On Friday October 14th a team from Colorado 4×4 Rescue and Recovery went up Green Ridge Road (FS Route 177) in Western Larimer County to recover a Hyundai Santa Fe that got stuck on the trail.

They reached the vehicle around 9:30 PM Friday and began assessing the situation to form a recovery plan.  After changing a flat tire, they pulled vehicle away from the tree it was pinned against and began working their way down the mountain to pavement.

The team was off the trail and on pavement around midnight, and everyone checked into home base by 3 AM Saturday.

If you’re not familiar with Greenridge Road 177 in Larimer County, it is not a road for passenger cars.  There are extremely deep mud holes on it, very large rocks, and it is was severely burned over in the Cameron Peak fire which has dangerous “snags” just waiting to fall if the wind blows hard enough.

Know your vehicles limits and don’t try to push further up trails that you can’t safely drive.  While this vehicle had significant damage to it, it was able to be limped off the trail.

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