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Mission Reports: Rolled K2500

Also occurring on Sunday the 18th, a Team from Colorado 4×4 Rescue and Recovery headed towards the west slope to recover a rolled K2500 on South Derby Creek.  Some of the team decided to stay the night Saturday nearby to cut down on the early departure time for Sunday.

Team assembled at the meetup point just after 7 AM Sunday morning and began making their way into the scene. The initial operation was to get the truck back on all 4 tires.  Once completed they could begin the recovery up the hillside.

By lunch time the team was rigging up chains and straps to start the winching operations.  They had to move one very large rock out of the way prior to righting the truck, as it would have interfered with the pull up the hill.

By 1:30 PM the truck was back on its wheels, and ready to be rigged for uphill winching.

Right about 3:15 PM the truck was back on the road!  By 5 PM the team had all the debris cleaned up off the hillside and around 6 PM the truck was rigged for dead tow to the trailhead.

Just after 8:30 PM the team had the truck loaded onto an awaiting trailer for transport into town by the owner.

Incidents like this can show you just how quickly a nice leisurely drive can turn dangerous.  The exact cause is unknown, but we’ve seen drivers take their eyes off the road for just a few seconds to adjust volume, maybe take a photo, or just look at nature as you drive by.  Once you get off the soft shoulder of most forest roads, you can very easily and quickly flop onto your roof, or in this case, roll down the hill.

The final team member arrived home just after 1 AM Monday morning.

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