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Mission Reports: Land Rover & Tacoma

Couple of incidents to post here, 1st one was April 12th outside of Ward, Colorado. A Land Rover had slid backwards into some trees and was unable to climb out on on the ice near Sugarloaf Road.

The team parked at the top of the hill on dirt and utilized a redirect off a tree to get the vehicle winched up out of the ice and snow.

Once at the top of the hill, everyone was able to drive out under their own power to pavement. While a seemingly simple operation, these are still time consuming getting everything rigged up.

Post 2 of the day occurred on April 11th outside of Monument, CO near Ice Cave Creek. A Tacoma had slid off the edge of the trail and needed to be winched back on from both sides of the truck to minimize the rollover risk, and risk of body damage on the nearby trees.

The winching vehicles also needed to be anchored to trees to prevent sliding forward during the recovery, and to not be pulled into the embankment in the event the Tacoma slid unexpectedly.

Another great example of what to do when you get off the side of the road. STOP! Very rarely (without a winch on your vehicle) are you able to pull yourself back onto the road with snow and ice present. Continuing to spin your tires just make a bigger hole, and adds to the lean of your vehicle risking rollover.

We’re always happy to help prevent damage to your property and get the vehicle out safely!

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