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Mission Reports: Miller Rock Hummer

Thursday August 11th, a Team from Colorado 4×4 Rescue and Recovery went up Miller Rock to recover a Hummer that got too close to the edge of the trail near the main rock obstacle. The vehicle was secured by the owner earlier in the week to prevent rollover down the hill.

The team arrived on scene about 9 AM and began rigging for a front end winch recovery up the hillside. The vehicle was back on stable ground just before lunch and they began making their way off the trail.

There is NO BYPASS to the rock obstacle on Miller Rock as you drop down to the river. If you cannot safely travel this route, do not attempt to go around. Luckily this vehicle didn’t rollover, but it was close. If you ever catch yourself in a situation like this it’s best to stop immediately as vehicle tend to do unexpected things when they’re at extreme angles.

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