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Mission Reports: Peewink and Bunce

Snow recoveries are ticking upward as the winter season continues!

A few calls in Boulder county near Peewink Mountain as that seems to have become a sudden hotspot for vehicles to get stuck, a damaged JK on Bunce School Road, and a 4Runner down near Mount Herman.

All relatively easy missions, but given the conditions and temperatures that can fluctuate rapidly this time of year, all equally important! Please remember to have spare provisions in your vehicle if you are exploring trails this time of year. Food, water, extra clothing, and a means for auxiliary heat are all good things to carry. You may have a half tank of gas, but stuck pointed downhill could be the difference of a running engine to stay warm, or a stalled engine due to no gas hitting the pump!

In the near future, we are going to work on some public education content that might help you get un-stuck from the situation you may find yourself in. Tips and tricks on things you may have in your vehicle already, and what the difference is between street pressure and “offroad” pressure for traversing snow.

Stay tuned as we work on that, it’ll take a bit to compile that, edit, and publish for all to see!

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