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Mission Reports: Red Feather Double Header

Thursday the 27th, a team from Colorado 4×4 Rescue and Recovery pulled off a double header in the Red Feather Lakes Area.

Operation #1 took place along County Road 82E which is unmaintained in the winter months. A Nissan Xterra got hung up in a snow drift pointed downhill and had to be evac’d by Larimer County Sheriff a week or so prior. Once on scene, the vehicle was rigged for a rearward pull. We had to break the suction the ice had on the bottom of the vehicle, and winch backwards about 100 yards through some snow drifts that had formed after getting stuck. Once back on top of the hill, we were able to turn everyone around and drive back into Red Feather Lakes.

Operation #2 took place a little further northwest of the 1st operation, right at the junction to forest road 169 and County Road 80C. 80C that far west is totally unmaintained in the winter months. The Ram 3500 wasn’t stuck in snow per say, rather disabled from a few mechanical issues that occurred while driving. The parties in this truck were also evacuated by Larimer County Sheriff earlier in the week.

It appears the driver side tire chain cast off, and in the process tore the brake line and wheel speed sensor clear off, causing multiple faults. While trying to get or keep the truck moving, the front driveshaft also appeared to break at the transfer case, which took out a major wiring harness and multiple transmission/brake lines along the driver side frame.

The team pulled the front driveshaft and worked to turn the truck around in the snow, and proceeded to pull it out 20 miles until we met a tow truck that was headed up to look for the truck. While making our way out, the team had multiple very steep hills to traverse which required a “double truck” pull up the hill. A Power wagon and Raptor had to tag team the steepest hills to lug that disabled truck out.

The longest traveling responder left at 6 AM and returned home after 7 PM Thursday. We’re extremely grateful for our awesome volunteers!(there will be video of these two operations posted in the coming days)

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