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Mission Reports: Weston Pass Toyota

On May 29th a Team from Colorado 4×4 Rescue and Recovery went up Weston Pass to recover a Toyota that fell through the top crust of the snow, a trend we have been seeing a lot lately! There is another mission pending right now for the same thing in a different area high in the hills of Colorado.

This pull was long and required multiple re-riggings to drag the truck back to exposed trail. Straps, extension lines, numerous shackles and pulley blocks were used to aid in the retrieval of the truck.

Snow conditions in the high country are extremely deceiving right now. It is NOT the time to be trying to cross the snow crusted trails! These drifts often support the weight of people no problem, but once you start driving your multi-ton vehicle across it, they break through that top 2-3 inches of ice crusted sugar snow and instantly belly out on the frame.

No vehicle can drive out of that situation no matter how good the tires are. You must be winched out.

Know before you go! Tell someone where you’re going and when you’ll be back, and prepare to spend an extended duration in your vehicle if you get stuck right now. It can even be treacherous for us to reach you with the rapid freeze thaw cycles going on in the mountains right now.

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