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This Colorado 4×4 rescue group helps people who get stuck in the back country for free Original Link: 

9News: Next with Kyle Clark

How people in four-wheelers helped after the Eastern Plains blizzard

Mission Report: Radical Hill

Deep in the Arapaho National Forest is Radical Hill. It is a daunting trail featuring a couple challenging obstacles but its defining characteristic is the shelf road. This trail has one stretch of shelf that rivals Black Bear in Telluride. On August 22nd, Ken McCoy took the ride of his...

Vail Daily: Colorado 4×4 Rescue and Recovery an important resource

On Sunday, the Vail Daily ran a wonderful article regarding our volunteers. Our volunteers work tirelessly to improve and become better equipped to help those who call on our services. Sometimes our volunteers are needed to simply help someone get unstuck. Sometimes they are called upon for large scale operations...