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Mission Reports: Miller Rock Hasty Team

Saturday the 5th a distress call came in via ham radio relay through the Colorado Connection. A 3rd party contacted dispatch to report a team member was on-scene with a vehicle that almost rolled over climbing the main obstacle by the river on Miller Rock Trail. The two were tethered...
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Mission Reports: Longwater and Hackett

Thursday August 12th a Team from Colorado 4x4 Rescue and Recovery spent an extremely long day down on Longwater Gulch and Hackett Gulch recovering two vehicles. The first on Longwater was a Jeep Gladiator that flooded out and was inoperable. The team made the long steep climb up the mountain...
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Mission Reports: Rolled TJ

Sunday the 8th a team from Colorado 4x4 Rescue and Recovery went up Garibaldi Road 356.1 (a spur off North Swan) to recover a TJ that rolled over coming down a very steep part of the trail. This was another very long operation above tree line. The team worked to...
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Mission Reports: Grizzly Lake TJ

Saturday the 7th a team from Colorado 4x4 Rescue and Recovery spent a very long day on the Grizzly Lake trail recovering a TJ that rolled off the edge of the road about a week ago. The team utilized two vehicles to winch this back up onto the road, and...
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Mission Reports: Kelly Flats SXS

Colorado 4x4 Rescue and Recovery went up Kelly Flats trail west of Fort Collins, CO to recover a side by side that rolled near the top of "heart attack hill" earlier in the week. This mission had to be postponed due to the flooding in the canyon and local road...
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Mission Reports: Moon Gulch Jeep

Sunday Afternoon a team went up Moon Gulch just outside of Rollinsville to recover a Jeep that got too close to the edge of the trail, and slid off in the wet conditions at the time. If you've ever been on moon gulch, there are portions of that trail that...
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