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Mission Reports: Yankee Hill Jeep

March 26th 2022 a team from Colorado 4x4 Rescue and Recovery went up Yankee Hill to recover a jeep that framed out in the ice crusted snow. Another relatively easy recovery where total time on scene was under an hour, but no matter what the jeep had no way to...

Mission Reports: Rampart Range F150

March 22nd 2022, a team from Colorado 4x4 Rescue and Recovery went up Rampart Range to pull a F150 back onto the road that got hung up in the shoulder where the snow was pretty soft and deep. They utilized a redirect off a nearby tree, and used a 2:1...

Mission Reports: Bronco and a F150

Couple more snow recoveries to report on today! Monday evening the team went up NW of Red Feather Lakes on the unmaintained portion of CR80 to recover a F150 that got hung up in a pretty steep and deep snow drift. Once the truck was framed out, there was no...

Mission Reports: F150 and Ranger

A pair of offroad recoveries to report on this morning! The 1st one is a Ford Ranger that slid off the road down near Mount Herman. Once the team was on scene, the found the truck pointed downhill and pinned against a tree. A redirect to a sturdy tree on...

Mission Reports: Gold Hill and Steven’s Gulch

Couple of snow recoveries ran simultaneously yesterday! A jeep Cherokee got hung up in the snow outside of Gold Hill. This was a quick kinetic rope recovery from behind and we were able to drive through a campsite just to the left of the picture to bypass this larger drift....

Mission Reports: Deckers and Steven’s Gulch

Over the weekend Colorado 4x4 Rescue and Recovery responded to multiple snow recoveries in the high country. Not all were photographed, but conditions on trails are often catching people off guard. First one featured was down near deckers. A Jeep JL slid off a private access road to some property...