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Mission Reports: More snow recoveries! Elk Park and Missouri Gulch.

Snow recoveries are ongoing! In fact, there is a mission in progress right now too! As temperatures warm in the high country, remember the snow will likely NOT hold the weight of your vehicle. Both of these operations were for "framed out" vehicles in what's left of snow drifts. While...

Mission Reports: Snow recoveries galore!

While the spring melt begins, the snow recoveries tick up rapidly! Multiple operations to report in the last 3-4 days as folks are getting caught off guard by warm daytime temperatures softening the top ice layer you might drive in on in the morning... only to find out you can't...

Mission Reports: Shrine Pass Lexus

Sunday May 1st a team went up Shrine Pass to recover this Lexus that sunk into the snow on Shrine Pass. It took quite a lengthy amount of winch rope to reach the vehicle from an area that was still safe for vehicles to be at, but rest assured, Shrine...

Mission Reports: Switzerland RV

April 30th a team from Colorado 4x4 Rescue and Recovery went up just beyond the parking area at the south end of the Switzerland Trail to assist a RV in getting out of a camping spot. This was a relay for help via the Colorado Connection Ham Radio Repeater system....

Mission Reports: Mount Herman 4runner

The evening of April 28th, a team went down to the Mount Herman area to pull a 4runner back onto the road. Once you get near the softer edges of forest roads, it's extremely easy to get pulled off of them very quickly!The angle back onto the road was just...

Mission Reports: Chinn’s Lake Wrangler

Tuesday April 19th, Colorado 4x4 Rescue and Recovery received a 911 relay call from Clear Creek County Sheriff's Department for a Jeep Wrangler stuck in the snow on Chinn's Lake. Party had been stuck in the snow for a few hours, and was actively working to dig out but was...